Invest time in your people

Workshops to develop and hone interaction skills are designed to motivate your instructors to motivate your members. We break down the barriers to communication in the club by involving your staff in the programme development, and using role-play. Real customer interactions are recorded between sessions, and feedback loops help to reinforce and build confidence in interacting with members.

Workshop photo


Interaction training workshops can be run independently or alongside systems training. Topics explored can include:

  • fitness instructors’ goals, roles and responsibilities
  • member retention principles
  • member interaction methods
  • goal setting
  • benefits of regular contact for members and staff
  • the member journey
  • Drop-Out-Risk, and how to motivate members

If you have a more bespoke personal development requirement, we provide life coaching sessions. All staff can benefit from coaching, whether they are over- or under-achievers, by giving them a coach or mentor outside their normal reporting line to talk through goals, options and motivation.

Coaching is about maximising staff potential, for example, helping to find direction and guidance following a promotion.