Know where you’re winning & what you could improve

Find out where you stand with an independent report on your member data. Includes comparisons against industry averages for your sector, as well as recommendations and suggestions for improvement over the short and long term.

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You get a one-time analysis of your member data – giving you a performance snapshot showing where you are now.


Provides more valuable information on the performance of your business on a regular basis, typically monthly or quarterly. Regular reports help continuous improvement.

Examples of Essential Reports

Understand how you are currently operating and how you can make improvements through clear, straightforward reports such as:

  • Retention – the classic retention curve shows how many members stay over time, often focusing on the proportion of members that stay for 12 months. The shape of the graph (steepness of the curve) is also important.
  • Attrition – can be a more fluid monthly metric; showing members who have dropped out as a proportion of the total membership. If you reduce attrition, you can improve retention.
  • Length of Membership – often split by club/membership type, to calculate the average value of different memberships.
  • Active Member Percentage – how many members are active (visiting the club) as a proportion of overall membership, in any given time period. Like attrition, this is a monthly metric that can be used as a KPI to improve long term retention.
  • Risk of Leaving – the percentage of members who leave in any given month after joining. This metric helps to define touch-points in the member journey.
  • Decay – shows the number of members who joined each month, and those who are still members. Know when to focus retention efforts throughout the year.
  • Churn – the rate at which ex-members re-join, and their related value on re-joining. Can be used to encourage ex-member surveys to increase re-joining.

Run these reports from your information management system today, or book an appointment today to analyse your data with GGFit.