Qualitative Member Journey Analysis

You're measuring your new member journey, but need more insights into how your members are being treated. Mystery joiners provide valuable qualitative information to back up the quantitative data. They also help your staff to deliver more consistent and engaging customer service.

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Whereas mystery shopping focuses on one visit (or web/phone enquiry), mystery joining measures your whole new member journey, taking in visits like:

  • Joining process in club
  • Induction appointment / Step 1 / Welcome session / etc
  • A fitness class, gym session, or swim, followed by a drink in the cafe
  • The leave process, membership cancellation

As soon as the process is complete, the full feedback and scores for the mystery journey are uploaded to the portal for you to review on your bespoke client dashboard. You can compare sites or historical journeys and look at suggestions to make instant improvements.

Mystery Joining is delivered by our partners at ProInsight, and their nationwide team of mystery shoppers.

If you would like to find out more about Mystery Joining at your club, please book an appointment today to discuss your requirements.