The Sales & Retention Convention

Tuesday 14th November 2017 - The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club

Sales processes that improve retention and Retention initiatives that drive more sales

Joining the dots between Membership Sales and Retention is key to your club's success.

The Sales and Retention Convention is the only event to link these two critical processes, presenting a connected approach to running a health club. Founded by Dave Reeves and Guy Griffiths, the convention runs every spring and autumn.

Dave and Guy are authorities in membership sales and retention, and they will be joined by other industry experts to educate and share best practices that you can implement in your club.

Topics for Autumn 2017 will include:

  • The Leaving Process and Re-engaging Ex-members  (Guy & Dave)
    How to deal with leavers, handle objections, and make spectacular saves. Collect valuable data, and leave the door open for them to return. 
  • GDPR: Sink or Swim  (Regina Lally, Kellie Peters)
    You can't learn to swim just reading theory, and data protection is more than ticking a box. We'll take you through a practical approach to implementing good data protection practice in your club to prepare for GDPR. 
  • Leisure Trends  (Dr Steven Mann)
    The latest ukactive benchmarking figures; what is average in the UK fitness industry, and how you can be better than average. 
  • Refining Your Data  (Chris Phillips)
    Making analysis easier, simpler, and faster. Improve your Sales and Retention through data. 
  • The ABC of Sales KPIs  (Dave Reeves)
    How to set simple KPIs so you can improve sales month on month. 
  • The XYZ of Retention KPIs  (Guy Griffiths)
    Understand how to monitor your retention efforts, find out which processes are working, and refine them. 

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The Event

The event will be held at The Warwickshire Golf and Country Club, and will run from 9:30am to 4.30pm...full details can be found on the booking site.

Welcome coffee, tea & pastries, morning and afternoon tea & coffee, and a buffet lunch will be provided, with networking opportunities.

Places are limited to 60 delegates, and discounted for early bookings, so reserve your place now.