Exercise for all

Leisure Centres

Leisure Centres offer a wide range of services, normally on very flexible terms, from full contracts to pay and play. This open attitude to membership makes them very accessible to everyone, which means member sales are usually relatively good, but member retention can suffer as a result.

Typically run by a Leisure Trust, or Local Authority, sales and retention targets are important, but Leisure Centres are often targeted on participation as well, such as the number of under 16s or over 65s visiting, or linked to exercise referral programmes.

Trusts and Local Authorities use our services to build or enhance their member journey, motivate and educate staff, and improve member communications inside and outside the club. Regular reporting helps to monitor progress and adapt processes to maximise efficiency.

Clubs working with GGFit see more member interaction, which leads to significant increases in first month visits, active members. In turn, this leads to better retention and sales conversions.

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