Our Case Studies

Leisure Operator – Places Leisure

Scope: Investigate member engagement through technology
Role: Deep data dive through 447 thousand memberships, 2.34 million visits, comparison analysis of members with different levels of tech engagement
Results: Member with app visit 50% more, and stay 20% longer on average.

Leisure Trust – Stevenage Leisure Limited

Scope: Set-up and standardise member journeys across 14 sites, retention initiatives in general
Role: Facilitating monthly retention forums with Fitness Managers, define and measure new member journey, class analysis, fitness challenges, etc.
Results: Step1 (induction) booking increase from 55-83%, members with Step1 22% more likely to be retained for 12 months, estimated £94 per annum DD revenue.

Local Authority – Preston City Council

Scope: Increase customer service, monitor and improve length of stay
Role: Triggered, targeted messages through Stick Around Service, measure effectiveness
Results: 10% increase in 4+ First Month Visits => members stay 3.5 months longer. 59% absentee return rate.

Private Club – Crow Wood Leisure

Scope: Local Competition, New member journey, Reduce absentees, Increase overall memberships
Role: Communications journey design, daily automated messages through Stick Around Service
Results: 51% of absentees return within 1 week, 70% by 45 days, Increased member engagement

Local Authority – Haringey

Scope: Budget Competition, Increase Member Retention
Role: Interaction Coaching, Club 2.0, Technogym Contact Manager Impementation, XN-Wellness link
Results: £68,000 retention improvement (DDs), 10x ROI

Trust – The LC (Swansea)

Scope: Club 2.0 Interaction Coaching and Systems Training
Role: Integration of Technogym Club 2.0 Aspiration Finder (Profile App), Gladstone Plus2-Wellness link, Staff Coaching
Results: Over 1,000 members on Club 2.0, weekly visits doubled, Drop Out Risk reduced

Local Authority – One Leisure (Huntingdonshire District Council)

Scope: System Implementation and Training
Role: Technogym Contact Manager configuration, management and staff training
Results: Significant increases in first month visits, active members and programme reviews

Trust – Valley Leisure

Scope: Independent system review
Role: Interviews, data analysis and presentation of results
Results: More member interaction leading to 20% retention improvements in only 6 months

Private club – Odyssey Knebworth

Scope: Independent system review
Role: Interviews, surveys and presentation of results
Results: Active member growth and reduction of Drop-Out-Risk

Trust – Stevenage Leisure Limited

Scope: Independent data analysis
Role: Interviews, surveys and presentation of results
Results: Improved member retention and length of membership with Technogym Contact Manager

Private/Chain Specialist Organisations – Core Exercise Clinics

Scope: Review systems and processes and suggest improvements
Role: System Guidance, Staff Mentoring, biometric data recording
Results: Improved retention through trainer efficiencies, increased sales from mentoring

Private club

Scope: Review member data; adjust focus from sales to retention
Role: System Guidance, Retention Policy, Member Retention
Results: Improved retention. More management focus on retention

Trust – Enfield Leisure Centres

Scope: Assess system value; make recommendation to improve usage
Role: System Guidance, Training, Retention Policy
Results: Improved retention & member conversion, better staff morale

Local Authority

Scope: Review member data, identify issues, suggest improvements
Role: Staff Mentoring, System Guidance, facilitation to prioritise focus areas, team coaching
Results: Improved staff attrition & morale


Scope: Design technical monitoring dashboards
Role: Research and design of graphical displays, gauges, reports, Key Performance Indicators, etc
Results: Business value-add to system, improved understanding of data


Scope: Assist with data extract between systems
Role: Facilitate relationships between two suppliers and customer
Results: Solution delivered on-time. Understanding of roles and responsibilities

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