About GGFit

Our mission is to help you to motivate your members to exercise more, increasing health and fitness, as well as your membership revenues.

We aim to improve your member communication both inside and outside your club, encourage your members to visit regularly, and to retain your members for longer.

Our focus is to work closely with your management and staff to promote understanding of your systems and data to help provide a better member experience. Ultimately, people make the difference, and we achieve results by educating and motivating your staff and therefore your members.


GG Fit was founded in 2008 by Guy Griffiths, a consultant with a background in data analysis, IT systems education, marketing, sales and coaching (& Aeronautical Engineering & Ultimate Frisbee).

Rather than working directly to improve the health and fitness of a few hundred individuals, we work through clubs to help thousands of members to be more active each month.

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